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Q & A

Locate your local Greenhawk Equestrian Sport. Once you know where that is (if you don’t know already), then you need to bag up your blankets.

Using large garbage bags place the blankets in bags and label them according to the number of bags (1 of 3, 2 of 3 and so on) with your name, Stable or Barn using a Sharpie marker and duct tape (usually best) or print the form we have made for you here. The service attends locations weekly dropping off the clean blankets and picking up the dirty.

Customers are notified by phone once blankets are returned and ready for pick up. Please be sure to call if you are planning on driving in prior to getting a call. Be sure your blankets are in if you have not been notified to avoid any unwarranted trips.

Horsey Clean provides a form on our web site (here) for Stables and Barns to complete and activate a pick up. 

This form includes number of blankets, the types of blankets being sent in and a section to complete (per blanket) for repair and water repellant treatments. 

Complete the form and we will be back to you with confirmations shortly thereafter.

Once the order is picked up and processed at the Horsey Clean facility, you are notified, as is your local Greenhawk, of the invoice. (If you are 20km’s or closer to a Greenhawk you transact with the store location direct, if not, we will invoice you and payment is made in advance of the blanket return via Email  Money Transfer (EMT) to in the invoice amount..)

Keep in mind, if you are 20km’s or closer to your local Greenhawk then at the time of invoicing you can pay the store location the balance and we return your blankets at the predetermined scheduled time.

Fair question. We outlined it earlier in the site, but water resistant treatment is not the same as water proof. There is very good reason for this and we will explain it here for you and it is in our Water Resistant Treatment Policy under the Policies link.

When water proofing is used, generally a rubberized adhesive is applied and stops any form of breathability of the fabric or air flow. This is not what we are out to achieve when applying treatments, which are on the outside only of the blanket. In terms of liners or underside of the blanket, Gortex and other membranes which start out waterproof but become breached over time. Stretching, snagging, stall rubbing, hot and cold to name a few factors cause the fabric membrane to become more susceptible to water and moisture getting through..

Horsey Clean uses a water resistant treatment that is very effective and repels water, however, with time, wear and material reactions to temperatures cause the same issue as mentioned above. This is why we recommend treatment every two cleanings.

The majority of time, if we hear from customers with concerns, more often than not, is after severe or consistent rainfall. If you have two rainsheets or winter blankets we recommend that you be sure they are switched out each day during turnouts. When able, create an inventory of 4 each per horse. This way you have a cycle of two in for cleaning, repairs and treatments while two are in use.

We do our very best to make sure that blankets that are picked up this week are returned the following week. 

That said, there are variables beyond our control such as weather, repair/part delays and of course, vehicle breakdown.

All of these happen from time to time. Snow covered roads, (5 cm’s or more), predicted high percentage storms/blizzards, can cause day or week delays. Repairs that require new hardware ordered in or specialty fabrics can delay blanket returns. 

Horsey Clean staff or Greenhawk staff will contact you if there is going to be a delay to explain and when you can expect the blanket return.

We have no issue repairing or treating your blankets and foregoing the wash. However, if blankets are not cleaned up to our standards, that being safe for our staff to handle the blanket, then we will wash again and customers will be invoiced.

Photos are always taken to validate the processing in the event of a dispute. 

ALWAYS, when sending your blanket in a blanket bag, make the Greenhawk staff aware of that you want the bag back upon return.

They will note it on your inventory and then our team at the shop know it is to be returned. 

Without it, we assume this is the bag the blanket was sent in, like any other, wherein it is generally discarded. Often we do detect bags being standout and that it is to be returned with the blanket based on the quality, however, we cannot guarantee it will be on hand if it is not noted on the inventory.