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Equestrian Apparel Management


We are the professionals when it comes to equestrian garment processing and maintenance. We keep the highest standards of hygienic integrity by ensuring our process meets the demands of the garment manufacturers while using phosphate free, hypo-allergenic cleaning solutions in a cold water only process! There are no heat applications during the drying process. High speed air movement with HRV evaporation systems are what dry the blankets.


Complete Equestrian Apparel Service

The Process

Four Easy Steps

Bag up all your dirty blankets and label your bags using duct tape and a Sharpie 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3 (according to how many you have) along with your name, stable or barn if applicable and store location.

  • Bag Label Example

    Bag 1 of 3

    Janethon Jones

    Janethon Stables

    Gormley Greenhawk

Drop your blankets off at your local Greenhawk Equestrian Sport location.

Click here to see all delivery days and locations.

Next we get busy cleaning and repairing your blankets. We inspect each blanket (in case there is a repair you didn't know about), perform the repairs you have requested. Lastly water repellent treatments if necessary then packaged up.

The following week you are notified once the blankets are returned. 

After you are called, go ahead and pick up your clean and ready to go blankets!


The Perfect Blanket Cleaning Solution

Through our management system we track, make notes and stay familiar with your blankets as they go through our process. This maintains a proactive record of each blanket cleaning and repair for when we see your articles again.. 

From our partner stores throughout Ontario to your barn we are able to quickly access your equine’s apparel .

Professional Technicians

Equestrian Hygienic Techs

When you drop off your blankets we realise you expect top tier service. Our staff are dedicated to seeing even what you may not. When a blanket comes in and is in need of repairs we will make you aware of the wear and suggest what needs to be done to rectify it. Our Hygienic Techs are pro’s and are there to keep your horses’ apparel clean and in good functioning order.

Greenhawk Equestrian Sport

17 locations to service you weekly across Ontario.

Blankets Annually

Horsey Clean provides exclusive valet service to Greenhawk Equestrian Sport’s 17 locations across Ontario. Servicing over 20K blankets annually.