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Horsey Clean Services

What's Involved?

We process all of your blankets. Big, small, old and new. We will clean them all.
We take a great deal of pride in conducting one of those jobs known as a "someone has to do it!" job. For over a decade we have processed your blankets weekly and do our very best to bring them back to you refreshed and ready to go.

Blankets are an investment and part of maintaining them is keeping them clean. To do that we recommend planning for your seasons in advance. When winter is approaching, go through your tack room and be sure you have enough winter blankets ready to go for when the snow and colder weather starts. If summer is coming, or rainy seasonal times, do the same as above. Plan for it and that way you are never short and you always current on your inventory availability.

We ask that you bag up your items, label the bags with your name, (stable or barn if applicable), Greenhawk location (i.e. Gormley) and how many bags you have (1 of 2, 2 of 2 etc.). This keeps your blankets in order coming into the shop.

Upon return of your blankets you will find them in vacuum sealed bags. Provided they aren't punctured throughout the storing stage, (as it does happen), you will be able to save space in your tack room until you need to use them again.

Repairs are anything from small tears that happen when in the stall to where your horse decides to rub up against the 4-rail fence and tear the blankets to ribbons not only creating rips but loss of hardware as well. Water Resistant Treatment

Either way, we get it. Rips and shreds happen! 9/10 times we can take care of those for you. We have had blankets come in that are in tatters and managed to bring them back to life and use.

When handing in your blankets you will find that there is a section on your inventory form where you can cap the amount of money you want to spend on repairs. Keep in mind, you also have the choice of new or used hardware when replacing or updating. This is for each blanket you wish to have repaired so we encourage you to be detailed.

You may also wish to have a quote to see if the cost vs. replacement is worth it for you. We will be happy to do that for you.

All repairs are professionally completed and in accordance with manufacturers' specifications. We take great pride in each and every repair. We work hard to meet the highest standards of excellence. Zippers: We get inquiries on these every few months. Truth is, we do not repair them or replace them. Please ask your local Greenhawk if they have somewhere they can suggest you to have those completed for you.

Repairs are $35/HR. 

Water Resistant Treatments are often confused with phrases such as "water proof". The truth is, over time, fabric weaves and meshing materials  stretch and gap. When that happens water finds the path of least resistance, just like air does.

To prevent this we perform water treatments using material safe applications. On weaker blankets, sometimes a double application is required to enable the best possible protection. With that in mind, this does not mean the blanket is "water proof". This is where the misnomer happens.

A treatment is very different than water proof. Age, wear and tear and even on new blankets, stretching (as mentioned) can play a big factor in how effective a treatment is.

Although it is not necessary, we recommend having your outdoor blankets water treated when you have them processed every second cleaning. We also recommend getting all repairs needed in a blanket to bring fabric back together to allow for a stronger bond when treatments are applied.

This enables a longer  water treatment life between washes as well as the life and integrity of the blankets themselves.

Water treatments are meant to keep water out, as best as possible. It does not mean that it will STOP all water from penetrating the blanket, rather, it is a preventative measure. That needs to be kept in mind especially during unusual rain periods if indeed soaking through takes place.

Water Resistant Treatment (reg) : $17

Water Resistant Treatment with Hood: $24

Water Resistant Treatment Hood Only: $8


Selected Bark & Fitz locations in Ontario are being setup for service. Bark & Fitz, one of the newest members of the Greenhawk Group of Companies, is all about your pets.

Our job is to provide you with the same outstanding service you are accustomed to with your horse apparel. We will be providing cleaning and repair services as well as water treatment to your pets' garments.

Once service is up and running we will be listing all locations and service pick up and return days. We ask that you please refer back here as we update so you are in the loop as to these particulars.

Service will operate the same as the equestrian side of things. We will conduct the service on a weekly basis with the same rules of engagement in play with respect to inclement weather and peak season times.

We are very excited to be providing this service with Bark & Fitz and look forward to delivering to you clean and hygienic pet apparel!

As often is the case, where you have items you are not sure if we can clean or repair. The best plan of action is to contact us and see what we can do for you rather than not send it in. Contact us directly as the staff at Greenhawk will not know when it comes to items outside of the equestrian world.

Over time we have had blankets that have been just destroyed by the horses, car covers ripped up and dirty, tent covers and veranda covers among other large type items that doesn't fall under regular "blanket" cleaning get processed and fixed up.

When you contact us, if it is a larger item, be sure to have a good idea of the size in length and width, or if it breaks down into pieces (like boat covers), be it zippered or Velcro, with those sizes. This allows us to make a clearer decision if it is indeed something we can take of for you.

If we can help you out with a specialty cleaning or repair then we will have you package it up and take it into your local Greenhawk, just like with your blankets. When you post your name and number of bags when packing we ask that you also list what the item is so we can know at the shop by the label.

We will review the item once in the shop and contact you on the rate based on the item and move forward according to your instructions at that time. You will not be invoiced for assessing the specialty item until you have given us the go ahead to process them.

Repairs are bit more technical. Zippers are one item we can tell you at the onset that we will not repair. We talk more about that in our Repairs Section. Other than that, please ask. As always we will do our best to provide service to your damaged goods to the best of our ability, however, we will not attempt work we are not able nor qualified to perform.


What We Offer

Service is weekly. If your local Greenhawk store pick up is a Tuesday we will return the cleaned blankets the following Tuesday. 

Inclement weather, major peak seasons and certain repairs can delay returns. We always do our best to make it known when delays happen, however, things like weather happen on the day of and can change the return days on occasion.

If you pack your own blanket bag and want to have it returned with your blankets please be sure to have it noted on your inventory sheet at the time you drop them off.

Stables and Barns can simply complete the form provided and that gets things in motion for a pick on location.