Specialty Cleaning

Horsey Clean Specialty Work

Specialty Cleaning

As often is the case, you too may have the experience, of having items you are not sure if we can clean or repair. The best plan of action is to contact us and see what we can do for you rather than not send it in.

Over time we have had blankets that have been just detroyed by the horses, car covers ripped up and dirty and other large type of covers and additional equestrian gear that doesn't fall under regular "blanket" cleaning.

When you contact us, if it is a larger item, be sure to have a good idea of the size in length and width, or if it breaks down into pieces (like boat covers), with those sizes. This allows us to make a clearer decision if it is indeed something we can take of for you.

If we can help you out with a specialty cleaning or repair then we will have you package it up and take it into your local Greenhawk, just like with your blankets. When you post your name and number of bags when packing we ask that you also list what the item is so we can know at the shop by the label.

We will review the item once in the shop and contact you on the rate basd on the item and move forward according to your instructions at that time. You will not be invoiced for assessing the specialty item until you have given us the go ahead to proces them.

Repairs are bit more technical. Zippers are one item we can tell you at the onset that we will not repair. We talk more about that in our Repairs Section. Other than that, please ask. As always we will do our best to provide service to your damaged goods to the best of our ability.

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