Our services

Horsey Clean has been providing horse blanket and apparel cleaning, repair and water treatment services since 2008 for Greenhawk Harness and Equestrian Supply and in general since 2004. As the exclusive service provider to Greenhawk Harness and Equestrian, we take great pride in our complete process. Our unique formula, ACF1, coupled together with our exclusive process is how we are able to complete more blankets annually than any other service provider in North America.

Horsey Clean services 16 Greenhawk Harness and Equestrian locations weekly in Ontario from Ottawa to Essex! Our family built company has thrived by providing outstanding customer care, after care and in keeping records on your gear when it comes in so we can reference it, in the future, if need be .

Horsey Clean invites you to enjoy our services as thousands do each and every year. We commit to give all your items the care and control you have come to expect if you are an existing customer and if you are not, then that which you will begin to enjoy!

Additional Services

At Horsey Clean we strive to meet your demands. Please read below through some of our Repair and Additional Services that are available to you.

Blanket Hardware Repairs

Often times larger repairs require specialty hardware and take more time to perform. Our staff will contact you directly to inform you of the blanket status so you can make informed decision as to how to proceed. In particular, when sending in your blankets if you require brand new hardware, rather than fully functional recycled hardware, let us know on your inventory form when you hand in the blankets at your Greenhawk. There is a box on the form for NEW HARDWARE ONLY.

Delivery Scheduling & Inclement Weather Protocol

Standard service offering, during regular scheduled times (peak times Apr-Jun & Sept-Nov) is one week. Click here to view your pick up and return day for your nearest store. During peak seasons return dates can often be one or two days after the regular pick up and return day. Also, during inclement weather, that being the winter in particular, accumulations over 5 centimeters will prevent deliveries from taking place. This is for the safety of our drivers and part of our Health and Safety Policy. When these days are altered you will be notified by our staff to make you aware of the new alternative date. You will always be given a courtesy phone call once your blanktes have arrived back to your Greenhawk location.

Expired Blankets

When the life of your blanket has expired we will then notify you that the blanket is beyond repair. (Generally speaking, when the replacement value of the blankets is 30% or greater). The choice you have is to have it sent back to you or to harvest the hardware on the blanket for future repairs you may need on other blankets. This will keep your hardware costs down on the next repair you require fixing with similar or identical hardware.
Your last choice, if all is lost, including the hardware, is for us to recycle it for you. We are happy to do this free of charge. Simply let us know when we contact you and we will take the appropriate steps as you instruct.

HC Features

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Horsey Clean uses ACF1. In clinical studies the formula ACF1 has proven to be eco-safe, hypo allergenic and phosphate free. After cleaning thousands of blankets there has never been one reported adverse reaction to the formula on animal or human alike.

Stable & Barn Pick Up & Return

If you over 20 blankets we suggest a pick up from your location. Simply contact your local Greenhawk to arrange it. They will supply you with the inventory forms needed to complete the process. Alternatively, you can always call us directly and we will be happy to liaise with you to make all the arrangements and provide you with the forms you need. (You can also download it here right now!)
Once the order is processed and the date and pick up time arranged, we ask that all the blankets be fully labelled with a tag showing the owners' name and how many bags there are. i.e. 1 of 2, 2 of 2 etc. Once you are invoiced for the order you can pay Horsey Clean directly via EMT (Electronic Money Transfer) or attend your local Greenhawk to pay the order in advance of the return date. This is mandatory that all stable and barn invoices be paid in advance of drop off.

Additional Tack

If you have any other equipment or apparel requiring processing just ask the staff at Greenhawk if it can be cleaned. We don't clean all products (due to warranty and insurance parameters), but we will try!

Package Delivery

When your blankets are returned to the Greenhawk where you dropped off they are vacuum sealed to ensure they stay clean and compact. Be sure to store them in a safe place to prevent tearing or puncturing of the bags(s).