Blanket Repair Services

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Blanket Repairs

Repairs are anything from small tears that happen when in the stall to where your horse decides to rub up against the 4-rail fence and tear the blankets to ribbons.

Either way, we get it. Rips and shreads happen! 9/10 times we can take care of those for you. We have had blankets come in that are in tatters and managed to bring it back to life and use.

When handing in your blankets you will find that there is a section on your inventory form where you can cap the amount of money you want to spend on repairs. Keep in mind, you also have the choice of new or used hardware when needing to have it updated. This is for each blanket you wish to have repaired so we encourage you to be detailed.

You may also wish to have a quote to see if the cost vs. replacement is worth it for you. We will be happy to do that with.

All repairs are professionally completed and in accordance with manufacturers specifications. We take great pride in each and every repairs and work hard to meet our standards of excellence.

Zippers: We get inquiries on these every few months. Truth is, we do not repair them or replace them. Please ask your local Greenhawk if they have somewhere they can suggest you to have those completed for you.