Our Rates

Since service inception, rates have only been increased three times! Rates have been kept competitive and realistic for the service throughout the course of time.

Horsey Clean understands the costs of care to equestiran goods and what it takes to maintain the life of the apparel. This is why Horsey Clean works to keep rates competitive. We do not provide volume discounting as we do not upcharge on pick up and delivery for the service.

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Affordable Rates

Full Rate list

Wash and Package $22.00
Wash and Package $18.00
Wash and Package $15.00
Wash and Package $8.00
Western - Wash and Package $15.00
English - Wash and Package $10.00
Water Treatment on Exterior $15.00
Wash and Package $12.00
Various Repairs $30/HR
Repairs are timed and pro-rated to create the charge.
Wash and Package $36.00
Removal of Heavy Soil & Hair $8.00