Pet Services

Bark & Fitz

Bark & Fitz

We are currently setting up services for selected Bark & Fitz locations in Ontario. Bark & Fitz is one of the newest members of the Greenhawk Group of Companies and is all about your pets.

Our job is to provide you with the same oustanding service you are accustomed to with your horse apparel. We will be providing cleaning and repair services as well as water treatment to your pets' garments.

Once service is up and running we will be listing all locations and service pick up and return days. We ask that you please refer back here as we update so you are in the loop as to these particulars.

Service will operate the same as the equestrian side of things. We will conduct the service on a weekly basis with the same rules of engagement in play with respect to inclement weather and peak season times.

We are very excited to be providing this service with Bark & Fitz and look forward to delivering to you clean and hygienic pet apparel!