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We make cleaning, treating and repairing your equestrian garments simple! We can save you time and money while enabling longer life to your equestrian garments. So leave the work to us and below are some common questions answered.

Greenhawk Harness and Equestrian Supply

Greenhawk Drop Off & Pick Up How-To

Pack Your Dirty Blankets

Each and every blanket needs to be placed into large (strong) plastic garbage bags. Usually 2-3 can fit depending on the type.

Once you have placed all your dirty blankets and laundry in the bags, all the while keeping track of what you have bagged, label your bags accordingly. If you have three bags then label each in sequence. For example, 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3.

Bag and Label Your Blankets

That's it. If you are coming in from a stable or barn pick up then click here to download a copy of a Horsey Clean Stable Inventory Form which you can fill out once your complete order is packed by item. These forms list how many blanket types, water treatments and repairs are requested. Each blanket is itemized according to what to do with it once at the shop.

If this is a drop off at a Greenhawk location they will complete the inventory form with you. So, once you are all packed up you can take it to your local Greenhawk to drop off.

General turn around time is week to week. For example, if you are dropping off in Ottawa, we pick up there on Mondays, or during peak season, Tuesdays. Therefore, if you have dropped off prior to Monday then we will return the following Monday, or, in the case of peak season, the following Tuesday.

Best practise for you, our customer, is to come in for pick up the day after and you have been called to let you know your tack has been returned. We cannot guarantee when our deliveries will arrive on the return day. To be safe, wait to hear from our team to notify you of their arrival at the store.

For barn and stable returns our staff will be in communication with you thorughout the order process. You will know well in advance of when your order is being returned within a 2-3 hour time frame.

+ / -

We will always try to accept as large an order as possible. If we reach capacity we will notify you in advance to let you know what the cut off level is.

Once your extra items are inventoried and added you will be invoiced accordingly. There have also been times when customers have added the same blanket twice when filling out inventory forms. We will also adjust the invoice accordingly and notify you in advance.

Rider Helmets We Wont CleanLeather Tack We Wont CleanLeather Tack We Wont Clean

Rider Helmets: Unfortunately, even though we would clean them, to be compliant with warranties provided by manufacturers, we cannot process them

Leather Tack: Single leather and suede items are not processed by us. Please refer to Greenhawk for their in-store cleaning products which can take care of this for you with a little bit of elbow effort!

Repairs: Tack that needs repair, saddles, girths are not able to be repaired at our facility. Inquire with the Greenhawk staff to see if they are able to recommend the best service in your area.

Contact Horsey Clean

Absolutely you can order by phone or email if you are doing so for a barn or stable pick up. Give us a call at 705-435-0755 or email us at christina@horseyclean.com.

Our hours are at the top and we will work to arrange any and all pickups according to your location in the province and our service days within your region. Click here to see our weekly service schedule. Again, keep in mind, inclement weather and peak season times may cause these days to vary by a day.

Horse Safe Formula

Great question. ACF1, our exclusive formula, is eco safe, hypo allergenic and paraphin free. We do not apply generic surfactants to clean and process with. Throughout the complete course of our history we have never had one single adverse effect due to a reaction from our process.

Horsey Clean also uses only cold water in the wash application and room temperature drying with HRV fan cycle systems and evaporation for no-heat drying. This maintains the integrity of the blanket and the hardware affixed to it.

Fully Insured

Yes, we insure your blankets and equestrian equipment the instant we take possession of it. This includes transportation, theft and fire, processing and any other liability due to damage caused while in our possession.

Horsey Clean: Barrie Ontario

Our processing facility is located in Barrie Ontario. We travel weekly to 16 Greenhawk Harness and Equestrian locations, pick up at barns and stables all across Ontario.

Horsey Clean will Call You!

Once your blankets are returned to the Greenhawk you dropped off at, you will be notified by phone. Either one of our staff or the Greenhawk staff will notify you that the blankets are ready for pick up.

Once notified you have 30 days to pick up your order. Simply go back to the front desk, pay for your order and load them up! If you are going to be longer than 30 days please notify your Greenhawk location otherwise you may be subject to storage charges.

Stable & Barn Orders

First, download this PDF inventory form here. Each person sending in blankets must complete an inventory form individually.

Stable Inventory Form

Fill out the form completely itemizing each item on the form. If you have more than one of the same type of blanket, list it in the same box and then number how many that there are.

Bag and Label Your Blankets

As mentioned above, you need to place all the dirty blankets into strong, large garbage bags with labels.

Label each bag with your full name and barn or stable name and how many bags are being submitted. For exmaple, each person has to label their own bags and there may be only one bag or fifty, who knows? So, when you label them, mark them accordingly, 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3. This keeps us all confident in your blanket count and corresponds back to the inventory form you downloaded and completed.

Bag and Label Your Blankets

Once you have your order prepared, you can go ahead and schedule your pick up time. Again, keep in mind the days our service is in your area. For example, if you are closest to the Gormley Greenhawk location then you can expect we will want to schedule you in for a Tuesday pick up date. Click here for the stores near you so you have a better idea for planning.

Your return date will be approximately one week later. We only say approximately to allow for inclement weather or during peak busy times (Apr-May, Sept-Nov). Days may vary by one or two at the most. Also, sometimes hold backs on blankets happen if there are extensive repairs or hardware needed. Generally this is a one week hold back time period.

Service Hold Backs : Inclement Weather : Delay Days

Horsey Clean Hold Backs

Often times customers prefer to have new hardware installed on repairs, or more exact fabric to blend the repair. When this is the case, or if we have to order in specialty materials, blankets can get held back for an extra delivery cycle or two, equating in time, to one or two extra weeks hold back.

When this happens you are in communication with our team all along the way so that you are aware of the status. We also keep in close contact with your local Greenhawk so they are aware as well.

Horsey Clean 5 CM Rule

When you are traveling from Barrie to Ottawa, weather systems can most certainly change throughout that journey! Based on best practices by many livery services we deemed 5 cm of snow/ice accumulation to be our cut off point. When precipation reaches that amount we cancel deliveries until the following week. We do our very best to get the blankets back during these times, however, we cannot put our staff of drivers in jeopardy of their safety!

We always notify our customers when there is a delay. As long as you have provided us with your phone number on your inventory form you will be notified of any delays.

Horsey Clean Delayed

If and when there is a delay, (aside from incimate weather) we will generally schedule the run for the following day and so on throughout our delivery schedule for that week. As we mentioned earlier on this page, we want to get you the blankets back, we know you need them!

Long Weekends: Friday and Monday deliveries originally scheduled are bumped by one week during holidays. If this causes an issue we are always happy to arrange an expedited delivery, by air, at an additional courier charge. So consider when you are sending the blankets in and do the math. If the following weekend is a long weekend and you have a show or need the blankets before then, maybe wait the extra time then send them in or give us a call for the expedited delivery service.