Blanket Services

Horsey Clean Specialty Work

What's Involved?

We process all of your blankets. Big, small, old and new, we will clean them all.

We take a great deal of pride in conducting one of those jobs known as "someone has to do it!". For over a decade we have processed your blanktes and do our very best to bring them back to as new as possible each and every time.

Blankets are an investment and part of maintaining them is keeping them clean. To do that we recommend planning for your seasons in advance. When winter is approaching, go through your tack room and be sure you have enough winter blankets ready to go for when the snow and colder weather starts. If summer is coming, or rainy seasonal times, do the same as above. Plan for it and that way you are never short and you always current on your inventory availability.

We ask that you bag up your items, label the bags with your name and how many bags you have. This allows us to easily track your order against your inventory form more efficiently.

Upon return of your blanktes you will find them in vacuum sealed bags. Provided they aren't punctured throughout the storing stage, you will be able to save space in your tack room until you need to use them again.