A few words about us

Horsey Clean is the exclusive service provider to Greenhawk Harness and Equestrian.

For over ten years we have provided weekly service to 16 stores across the province of Ontario. We are a family based business that is operated by the family and employs 4 other team members brought in as we have grown.

Horsey Clean has been operating since 2004 but officially went into service with Greenhawk in 2008. Since then we have seen the service grow from between 20-100 blankets per week to 100's per week! Originally, into years two and three, we experienced repair services of blankets being cleaned, to be approximately, 5-20 percent, whereas now, it is between 60-80 percent!

Horsey Clean provides unparrallelled customer service and total satisfaction from the store level on through to our customer one on one. We offer full service cleaning, repairs and water treatment on horse blankets as well as cleaning and processing of most rider and horse apparel.

Why Choose Horsey Clean

Blankets Washed Yearly
Washing Cycle Hours Daily
75 000+
Blankets Cleaned To Date!
Happy Customers


Horsey Clean Begins

Horsey Clean, a division of Athletic Clean, was formed in 2004 in Alliston Ontario. The primary service offering was to local farms throughout the area at this time. In growing the clients and developing both our formula ACF1 and our process, the Horsey Clean division very quickly became popular with horse owners.

Horsey Clean Contracted by Greenhawk Harness & Equestrian

In 2008 Horsey Clean and Greenhawk Harness & Equestrian joined together delivering weekly service to a few of the retail locations. In short order, 3-4 stores grew to 8. Repair to wash ratio, at this time, was approximately 30% of the blankets we serviced.

Horsey Clean Moves to Barrie

Each year the brand has enjoyed growth through providing outstanding customer service and after care. With this growth, in 2012, Horsey Clean had to move into a larger location to cater to the volume of horse blankets coming in through the Greenhawk retail outlets, barns and stables. Five thousand square feet was obtained in Barrie Ontario. This would carry the volume for the next five years.

Record Breaking Week

In the spring of 2015 Horsey Clean experienced unprecedented growth. During three separate days over 100 blanket pick ups took place at individual locations. The company now serviced 14 locations and the volume was ever increasing as was the repair to cleaning ratio.

Another New Shop & Repair Percentages Breaks 50%!

2017, yet another year of consistent growth for Horsey Clean. Neding to relocate again in search another, larger, shop to accomodate the growth. In finding a more ergonomic and larger location the shop was built and the growth has continued. Repairs reached a record high during part of 2017 where repair to wash ratio was over 50%!

New Record Blanket Volume

As has been the trend now for a decade, Horsey Clean, once again hit a record month in May and carried on into June 2018 cleaning over 1000 blankets in one service cycle. We appreciate the loyalty of both our shared customers through Greenhawk, the Greenhawk staff and our individual customers and stables for working with us to make this happen. We look forward to updating this to even greater records once broken!